Production of machines and equipment

VAVVE, s.r.o. is able to design and subsequently produce machines or equipment as per customer requirements.
In the past we designed and produced equipment and machines for various branches of industry. Below you will find some examples of specific projects we were involved in.

Automotive industry
One node of the production line to finalize and test fuel tanks for INERGY Automotive Systems Slovakia, s.r.o. Our task was testing the functionality of the fuel-level indicator in the tank.

Oil servicing
A device for rapid suction of the waste fluids into the storage tank and the subsequent rapid discharge of waste liquids. Customer: Oil Slovakia, s.r.o.

Production of plastics
A tester to check the products of FAIVELEY PLASTURGIE SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. Testing the dimensions of the shock absorber bearing cage in SKF automotive axles. Adapter to the handling unit for the removal of SKF bearing cages.

Construction industry
Control system for automated concrete plant for Nares, s.r.o., Kolex, s.r.o.
Machine for the production of wall heating panels for HEAT, s.r.o..

Glass industry
Angular conveyor for Nitrasklo, s.r.o. for the transport of large-format glass sheets from the sander to the washer.

Packaging technology
Foil welders with perforation for Sezama, s.r.o. Rectangular step conveyor for Nares, s.r.o.

Cooperation in the area of electrical wiring in the production of a snow canon by Nops, s.r.o..

Vysa 200 Mobilná záchytná vana ODOL-ER
Vysa 200.
Mobile sump tray.
ODOL-ER separator.