About our company

VAVVE was founded in January 2001 as a trade and in August 2008, it was transformed into VAVVE Ltd.
VAVVE designs and manufactures custom products according to customer requirements. In this area, we focus on the products used in the handling of metalworking cooling fluids. We also design, manufacture and service special purpose industrial machines and equipment in accordance with customer needs. VAVVE also cooperates in the development of machines for partner companies where it focuses on the development of machine parts, documentation and subsequent production.

We put emphasis on quality and reliability in all we do. In the area of design we always try to find a simple solution whose reliability depends on high-quality design and quality components. Our customers include CIMCOOL, STATOIL, BP, CASTROL, SLOVCIMI, SHELL, OIL SLOVAKIA (ARAL), QUAKER, HOUGHTON, FAIVELEY, BAUMAX, NARES, AQUAPLASTIC, NITRASKLO and others.