Barbar - vacuum pump.

BarbarThe Barbar pump is suitable for the extraction of fluids in an equipment exchange, failure, or repair. It has also been used successfully in cleaning the machining equipment. The accessories supplied with Barbar allow you to extract dirt from the fluid surface, e.g. oil, slurry, hydraulic oil in a failure etc. The Barbar vacuum pump is used to extract liquids into an enclosed container (e.g. a standard steel drum) by creating vacuum, which in turn sucks the fluid into the container. The Barbar pump can be easily mounted on the barrel/drum or an extraction device equipped with a quick coupler. The adapter to install the vacuum pump on the G ¾" thread includes a mechanical suction shutoff valve to stop the suction to prevent the pollution of the vacuum pump or the environment. The suction hose is transparent for easy identification of potential clogging. 
The vacuum pump is made of aluminum alloy resistant to corrosion and all other components are manufactured and surface-treated to prevent corrosion and negative effects of oils. Barbar can extract dirty fluids with medium-sized mechanical impurities.

Documentation: Barbar.pdf Dokumentacia Barbar